How to Get the Perfect Dog Head Tilt (Most of the Time)

I am often asked how do I manage to get eye contact with the dogs in my photos along with the perfect head tilt.   

My go to attention getter for most dogs is a Multipet Mini Latex Animals Dog Toy.   At about 3.5" it fits perfectly in my left hand leaving my right hand free to operate the camera.   It also does not take up a lot of room in my camera bag leaving room for other items like lenses and dog treats.  As it is made of soft latex material it is easy to create different sounding squeaks from just the one squeaker.   

Not surprisingly, I have also used to get the attention of young children as well.

It is important to remember that dogs will only react to a new sound about 3 times, so I don't use the squeaker to get the dogs attention until I am ready to capture the image.    After the 3rd time, it is time to move onto another different sound.   I also have success with car keys, harmonicas and duck calls.

Unfortunately, I have never learned how to whistle.  I guess need to work on that...

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