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Admittedly, I am not a cat person but I have come to appreciate their unique personalities and enjoy trying to capture their personalities in photographs. 

I met one of my favorite cats at the Kentucky Humane Society yesterday - George.  I would have taken him home in a heart beat if I thought the rest of my family would welcomed George.  He was an engaging, confident kitten, full of personality, but wanted humane interaction and affection.  I think he might actually have been a dog in a cat body. 

I usually spend 5-10 minutes photographing a shelter animal for their adoption profile.  I believe we spent 20-30 minutes with George because he was just so much fun.  I thought I would share the highlights.

NAME:           George

BREED:          Domestic Shorthair Cat

SEX:               Male

AGE:               4 month

LOCATION:   East Campus, 1000 Lyndon Lane, 502-272-1070

More information about George and other pets looking for forever homes  can be found at KHS Adoptable Cats

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