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I am often asked what pet photography sessions are like and how do I get the animals to pose.

The secret is a lot of patience,  squeaky toys, being willing to embarrass yourself, wonderful assistants, and a little bit of magic in Photoshop.   

At client sessions I am  working with dogs that know their names and are usually trained (at least a bit).  I also have the luxury of a longer session that allows for the animal to get comfortable with me and the surroundings.

Shelter work is a different story...

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I am so grateful for my volunteer work at the Kentucky Humane Society because the sessions are, well, challenging and make me a much better photographer for my clients.   

At shelter sessions, we are limited on time, limited on equipment and location, and are dealing with animals that haven't been trained and don't know their names.   Often the animals are shy or a bit disoriented as they are recently arrived at the shelter when their portraits are taken.

Out of the 350+ shelter pets I have photographed to date, there has only been 1 dog for which  I was not able to create an image I was proud of.   She was extremely shy and was recovering from surgery.  Fortunately, another volunteer photographer was able to capture a great image of her the following day.

I thought I would share a couple of behind the scenes images of the shelter portrait process along with the final portrait.

Follow me on Facebook or Instagram to see the shelter portraits I capture each week.   Feel free to reach out if you have questions regarding a portrait session for you pet.   


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