OMG!  Matt liked one of my pictures (well, a post)!

So this happened today and may be one of my biggest life accomplishments!  Matt of WeRateDogs liked my Paw Street Journal cover image of Ruby!!  Well, he liked a post that included the image, but it's all the same,  right?!?!  

If you don't know or follow WeRateDogsTM, you should.  It demonstrates, in my opinion, everything that social media should be.  Matt has created a positive, hilarious, wholesome community of like minded people that honor all things  "dog".   Every day there is a post featuring a photo of a dog along with a caption and the resulting rating received by said dog.   No dog is rated less than 11 out of 10, because by their very nature dogs are, well, perfect.   It is a special day when the extremely rare 15/10 is awarded...there have only be a handful over the years.  Comments from the community are also worth taking the time to scroll through and always deliver a smile.

The community is also active in raising money to support "puppers"  in need each week.   It is literally a race to see how quickly the community can raise thousands of dollars each week $10-$20 dollars at a time.  My family absolutely loves the account and look forward to the posts every day.   It is  a race to see who sees them first. 

In other words, Matt is a rockstar in our house so when he likes my photo (or a post with my photo) it is a BIG deal and worth celebrating!

If you don't already, you can follow WeRateDogs on TwitterFacebook, or Instagram.

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